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“If I ever really felt depressed, I would just start putting on all my old records that I played as a kid, because the whole thing that really lifted me then still lifted me during those other times. It was good medicine for me, and it still does that for me when I put something on. Isn’t wonderful that we got all that good medicine? I think it’s got to be all part of our DNA, this mass communication through music. That’s what it is. It’s got to be, hasn’t it? Music is the one thing that has been consistently there for me. It hasn’t let me down.” - Jimmy Page

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Words of emotion


Sometimes I wonder what happened in someone’s life to make them the person they are now.

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"Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference."

- Kai, Lessons in Life #21  (via mmmmilk)

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"I should probably masturbate"

- Me whenever I’m home alone (via goodbyeheaven)

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She is not “my girl.”

She belongs to herself. And I am blessed, for with all her freedom, she still comes back to me, moment-to-moment, day-by-day, and night-by-night.

How much more blessed can I be?


- Avraham Chaim, Thoughts after The Alchemist (via barbieandken)

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People always say that it hurts at night
and apparently screaming into your pillow at 3am
is the romantic equivalent of being heartbroken.
But sometimes
it’s 9am on a tuesday morning
and you’re standing at the kitchen bench waiting for the toast to pop up

And the smell of dusty sunlight and earl gray tea makes you miss him so much
you don’t know what to do with your hands.



Rosie Scanlan, “On Missing Them”  (via ignorant—fucks)

whoa this

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when someones talking and you know they’re lying


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imagine banana with any other vowel






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what do you get when you mix alcohol and literature?

tequila mockingbird

also Ernest Hemingway but that’s beside the point

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"There is not one person in this world that is not cripplingly sad about something. You remember that before you open your mouth."

- Unknown  (via stability)

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